Grocery Store Evangelism

While Denise prepared food for the Uruguay Turkey Fest, Craig must of made a half dozen trips to the grocery store buying up all the food he could. At least the credit card bought the food! LOL. Well, on Craig´s last romp to the store, Gina (on the right in above photo) was in line … Continue reading

Uruguay Turkey Fest 2016

You have to remember that our apartment is small. The former record number of people in our apartment was 33. The NEW RECORD IS 41! We had 33 people seated in our living room while 8 kids were seated in our spare bedroom. Our couch and other furniture was placed in the hallway outside our … Continue reading

Massive Pastor Gathering in Uruguay

Recently, a group of Argentinian Pastors who have a burden for Pastors and their families presented a short two day conference in Montevideo. There were approximately 900 pastors/ministry leaders and their wives. The conference was interdenominational in nature. Mostly, it was to motivate the pastors to begin to take care of their families and seek … Continue reading

The Team Approach or the Lone Ranger Option

Many in these days would probably agree that the team approach is the best. Though there are some in the core of their being that would say the Lone Ranger is their preference because “one does not have to rely on anyone but oneself. Not a good option Kemosabe. Craig and Denise´s teammates of Camino Global, Jim … Continue reading