Ancla (Anchor) Church Retreat in Uruguay

We went on our first church retreat with Ancla (Anchor) Baptist Church. When we are not traveling on the weekend or doing marriage retreats in our apartment, Ancla is our home church where we receive spiritual food and fellowship. Though another couple were designated as the speakers for the retreat, we had a part in presenting some principles through a sketch and a Sunday AM devotional. The experience was invaluable in terms of learning more about Uruguayan culture and how people think about marriage in this culture, as well as, what an Uruguayan Church Marriage Retreat looks like. Of course, we grew much closer to the couples as we fellowshipped together. At any retreat, the men HAVE to play soccer. Well, I am NOT a soccer player though I know something about the rules. But, I still think soccer should include a little bit of Rugby and American Football. Obviously, the other guys didn’t think the same way I did. Yes, I fouled the guys a few times here and there…yes, I elbowed the Pastor in the eye/nose…hey…it didn’t hurt him too bad though he did have a little bit of a sore nose after about a week. Yes, my team won and I made three goals. Not too bad for a yankee! They use yankee in Uruguay for North Americans instead of gringo. Ancla Retreat Group 2Ancla Retreat CD 2

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