ENGEDI Marriage Retreat Project 067008

Around 1000 BC, En Gedi served as one of the main places of refuge for David as he fled from King Saul. David “dwelt in strongholds at En Gedi” (1 Sam 23:29). En Gedi means literally “the spring of the kid (goat).”  We would love for ministry leaders to see our home as an Engedi for them!  Especially for their marriages.  We pray people leave refreshed by the Springs of Living Water.

God has led us to open a ministry account at Camino Global, Project Number 067008. The reason for the project is to help subsidize these retreats.  This will give us the opportunity to minister to these precious servants of God while praying God sends us couples to mentor in order to pass the baton off to them in the years to come.  We are also praying God shows us ways to make this sustainable in the future.  If you want to invest in this ministry you can click ENGEDI.    If you prefer writing a check please make sure to include Project #067008 Engedi Marriage Retreats.    We would love for you to consider investing through prayer, that God will use these retreats to mightly touch the lives and marriages of the Uruguayan Ministry Leaders!  Thank you for your consideration.


Our desire has been that God would use Engedi Marriage Retreats to invest in pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries and their wives in the way we were profoundly ministered to at Sonscape Retreat in 2001. In Mexico, God graciously provided Toby and Marilyn Casteel and their beautiful home to have these Ministry Leaders Marriage Retreats, there known as Mexscape.  Now God has provided us an awesome apartment to use overlooking the Pocitos Beach, to create a place of refuge, an oasis for these servants. We just finished our second retreat and we have two more for 2014.

Our God is a miracle working God who does immensely incredible things in orchestrating people, events and using our availability as believers. HE has used your PRAYERS big time to make it all happen. It sure hasn’t been anything we have done! Before moving to Urguagy we thought it would be financially impossible to live close enough to have a view of the Rio Plata.  Amy Achgill from Houston exhorted us to trust God to provide an apartment right in His target area, then committed she would pray for the best apartment for us to use for His glory. She told us in so many words to not settle for second best. Well, God answered her prayer all right.  Thanks Amy.

We were also told it would be years before Uruguayans would have the confidence in us to come to our apartment… A Uruguyan Christian leader asked how do we get people to come to these retreats, with such a lack of confidence here?  We have only been in Uruguay since February 1, 2014…that is only 6 months, people can’t have enough confidence in us yet. Regardless, they came.  God is not limited by social norms.

God went before us to prepare the way for us to attend Ancla Baptist Church where Juan Olivera is the pastor. Unbeknownst to us, Juan is on one of the key committees for the Baptist Association in Uruguay. Through Juan, we are now connecting with many pastors in Uruguay. Through a friend, Sam Shoquist, in Austin who has been a leader in the Gideons, we were able to connect me with the Gideons President in Uruguay, Robert Moris, who has become a good friend. Robert has a large network of connections with many churches. The result…we will have more contacts than we will know what to do with by the end of 2014. The only thing that comes to our mind is THANK YOU LORD! YOU ARE GOOD!  We are humbly dependent on an AWESOME ALL POWERFUL GOD!

The majority of Uruguayan pastors work 40 hours a week outside of ministry hours to provide for their families. Churches are small and many pastors struggle.  Though we will charge the pastors something for the ENGEDI retreats due to the high costs here, we are asking you to consider helping us in the beginning stages of this ministry as we see God develop this ministry and directs us toward His future.

Craig serving Alexis and Rosana their Romantic Dinner with a their ocean view.
Craig serving Alexis and Rosana their Romantic Dinner with a their ocean view.

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