Changes in Our Team

CG UY Team Photo Sept 2014

Augusto & Valeria Aniano have been super team mates and now the Lord is leading them to Mexico to use their talents there. There is a long story, but the short version is that the Aniano’s were sent to Puebla, Mexico as part of his family’s dental equipment business for a couple years. Due to personal family issues, the Aniano’s sought help in Puebla and became believers! The Lord led the Aniano’s to take a recess from the family business and Augusto attended Puebla Seminary. The Aniano’s returned to Montevideo to work with the family business again and help lead the Community El Camino. Now, the Aniano’s leave for the United States November 12, 2014 to raise funds as new missionaries with CTEN (based in Kerrville, Texas). The Aniano’s hope to arrive in Mexico by April 2015 to begin a music ministry to the churches, music outreach to unbelievers and help the El Camino Bible Church in their implementation of church planting. We are sure that the Lord will lead them to do a host of other ministries as time moves forward. Though it is sad for us that they leave Uruguay, yet it excites us to be sending out our BEST to do the work of the ministry to another part of the world. Hey, the Antioch church in Acts 13 sent out two of their finest, Barnabus and Paul, to go and preach the Gospel. If you feel led to help support the Aniano’s in any way, then let us know and we will connect you directly with them. They will be traveling the states between November 2014 to April 2015. They are a great couple and family!

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