Hey, What´s a Matter (Marriage) with You?

Italians make up at least 30% of the population. That is why we have lots of pasta shops, restaurants and FIAT (cars). Years ago, there was the expression, “What’s a matter with you” (say it like an italian in the Godfather movie). “What’s a Marriage?” is a good question around Uruguay. A recent government statistic came out saying there were more divorces than marriages occurred this past year. Living together (common law marriage) is as normal as dog excrement on the sidewalks here (no comparison between the two, please). I step in it frequently while running. Yuck! Just today, a runner in the club mentions that her husband is a family lawyer which includes overseeing divorce cases. She said his business is doing very well. I asked if the two of them were married and the reply was no. She said, “We have been together for 15 years and have two children. It never occurred to us to be officially married.” We began a 4 part couples series for unbelieving couples. We do this with a Navigator couple who invite their “couple” friends also. We had 5 couples together this past Saturday as we watched a funny video about men’s and women’s differences related to marriage. Afterwards, we had discussion and of course, FOOD. Pray with us that these couples will continue to open their hearts to a better marriage as well as the biblical principles that are presented in a very non threatening way. Of course, as we continue to meet and talk with them about our lives, our marriage and the Lord we pray that these couples will come to an everlasting relationship with our Lord Jesus.

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