Whiskey, Women and Woes

While running with Pablo and Richard one morning, we entered the conversation of the big THREE in Uruguay as I call it. I have listened to this conversation time and time again. Uruguayans love WHISKEY & enjoying talking about it. Most conversation here revolves around whiskey, soccer, some woes in politics, more soccer, the WOES of the their country, their vacations, more soccer, their past conquests with WOMEN, more woes about the country and then MORE soccer & whiskey. And the conversation keeps going round and round…(you have the picture)…while running with Pablo and Richard the topic of whiskey came up and I don’t have to tell you the rest of it (read above). At one point, Pablo asked me what I did over the weekend and I told him that I went to a Pastor’s meeting in Curtina along Route 5. This was something totally foreign to him especially since Curtina, a very small town, is in the middle of cattle grazing country. Pablo goes on to tell me his father has two good friends from infancy. One of the friends, Pocho Rodriguez, who was the rowdiest of the three, became a Pastor several years ago. This took Pablo’s father and his other friend by total surprise. Pablo told me that Pocho was the most sinful of the three. I jumped through the window of opportunity to talk about God’s transforming power and the Gospel. At one point, I layed out the gospel to Pablo and Richard. The result was like driving a car into a wall or if you have ever run a marathon it is like “hitting the wall” at the 20 mile mark. The silence was piercing. Then the two men began talking about whiskey…again. Another time…with different runners…we were talking about whiskey, woes but no women because there was a woman present. I interjected about the vanity of life and began a somewhat philosophical conversation. Carlos, stops me in the conversation and says it is too philosophical for him and he only likes to talk about frivolous things. Carlos said if I wanted to talk about women then that would be better (even though another woman from the club was present). I told Carlos that I can talk about my woman, Denise, and how we met. Carlos liked the idea so I told of how we met and got married. Of course, all this included the story of God working in our lives. Carlos still heard about the Lord through my life story.  If you want to talk to a Uruguayuan unbeliever, you know how most conversations will go. Of course, the Uruguayans love to talk about their barbeque called asado, food, travel, crafts, etc. If you talk to a Uruguayan man, be sure you know how to navigate the BIG THREE so you can turn the conversation to spiritual things. JUST TO PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE…I do not drink whiskey with the guys. I have only one woman, her name is Denise Williams, and there are woes in life BUT OUR GOD IS GREAT AND FAITHFUL.

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