Laughing with your Marriage…reaching out


The Williams, Burke and Jill Atkerson with the Navigators, have teamed up to invite our friends to a four part DVD series on Laughing Your Way to Marriage. This series gives us opportunity to introduce our faith to people and help them to see marriage from a different perspective. They enjoy the DVD and then we have some discussion questions afterwards. Of course, we have FOOD to warm up the atmosphere.  What we are doing is to establish a strong relationship with these couples so as to share the Lord with them. The couples children range from pre-birth to 20 somethings. Some of them have been exposed to christianity before and others have not. Pray for us and the Atkerson´s as we invite them to further explore the Gospel and deepen our friendships with them.  The group in the picture is international in flavor in that there is North American, Mexican, German, Argentinian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan. The Mexican guy, Carlos, told Craig that now there is someone who speaks like me! How hilarious is that?



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