Celebrating 2015…for the Glory of God!

Though there will be many surprises in the upcoming year, we have made plans together with the Lord knowing that He controls them and may change them in ways we cannot imagine or think. Also, we look forward to the changes and transformations that the Lord will make in our lives in 2015. He will continue to perfect us until the day we see Him face to face. Thank you Lord for your faithful work in our lives. Here is a brief outline of our year as we know it so far. There are many unknowns, yet we know the Lord will direct us as we seek to follow Him closely.

Engedi Marriage Retreats: 2 in February; 1 in March, May, June, September, October.

June: Short term team from the states.

August: Travel to Texas for Alicia’s graduation from Texas State. Visit family and friends.

September: Camino Global meetings in Guatemala

There will be many visits with pastors, churches and marriage coaching and training during the times not mentioned above. We hope to solidify ministry with one denomination and encourage them toward church planting and long term missions. We plan to begin introducing ourselves to another denomination and see how we can serve them.

We will also continue to do all we can to get to know people praying for God to lead us to those open to hearing about the incridible gift of abundant life through Jesus Christ!

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