Fireworks without Regard for Personal Space

Fireworks illuminate Uruguay´s coastal city of Montevideo on December 24 and 31 beginning at midnight till almost 12:30 am. (check out the video below. It is from 2010, but it gives you the idea of what it is like!) You see a continual onslaught of firework bombarding the skies as far as one can see up and down the coastline. Apart from the city´s fireworks, the other 99 percent of the fireworks are shot off by families who have flocked to the beaches with boxes of explosives.   Wherever an open spot is found on a sidewalk, grassy knoll, on the beach or park, Uruguayans launch thousands of flaming missiles into the air for approximately 20-30 minutes without any rules of engagement or apparent regard for bystanders.  ¨Everyone does what is right in their own eyes…¨  Exploding Chaos describes the scene.  Of course, you would not see this scene in USA suburbia with all its rules, laws and regulations for safety.  Unlike, all the football games and barbecues that take place in the USA on January 1st, in Uruguay people flock to the beaches to sunbathe, drink mate, play volleyball, play beach soccer and swim in the cold water.

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