They can´t pronounce my name…so I might as well change it

What´s in a name. We know from the Bible that names have meanings and give us insight into people´s character especially God´s. In the Bible, God is known by many names like Yahweh, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jireh, etc. Each name gives us clues about who is our God. I always thought that I had one name, that is, my birth name, Craig.

Craig seems to have meanings like “Rocks”, Dwells in the Crag”. Apparently, people who lived near crags in Scotland might have been called “those are the crag people”. LOL. Some internet sites say that persons with my name also experience hair loss quicker than others. What is that all about?! LOL.

In Mexico, I was known as “Gregorio” because no one could pronounce “Craig”. I was aka “Gringorio” as a combination of Gregorio and Gringo. A quite catchy nickname that no one ever forgot. I was told to consider using my real name “Craig” in Uruguay figuring most people could probably pronounce my name here. Well…it’s not working so good…if  you know what I mean. Let me run through all the names that I have been called (no, I will not include the insults! LOL)

Gregorio (Mx),

Gregory Peck (Mx)

Gregory House (Mx)

Gringorio (Mx)

Craigorio (USA)

Craig (UY & US)

Creg (UY)

Greg (UY)

Clerg (UY)

Grek (UY)

Grey (UY)

THEREFORE, I am considering to change back to GREGORIO, Greg for short. Why? Frequently, it takes a lot of time to explain my name and the pronunciation of it. The reason I did not use Gregorio in Uruguay was because there was a bad dictator named Gregorio in Uruguay’s history. But hey, I really don’t care now. The ultimate laugh about my name, Craig, is that a Uruguayan pastor who speaks english quite well told me to tell people, “What sound does a frog make?” The people will say, “Crig’ or something similar to that. So, now I would be known as a “frog” in Uruguay which is a sapo or rana. In some spanish speaking countries, you don’t want to be calling someone a “sapo”. It can be an insult.

So, just call me Greg, I think it will be easier and less complicated. Amen.

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