Catholicism in Uruguay from a Catholic Perspective

Recently, an article appeared in one of the major newspapers about the deficiency in the catholic churches in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. According to the article, there are 83 churches and 60 of them cannot sustain themselves. The priests have to find other sources of income to meet their monthly needs.

The church says it is becoming more difficult to maintain a priest and the costs of a local church because of Uruguay being the most agnostic nation in Latin American with the least percent of catholics. The church sees the society continuing to become more secular.

Due to the high costs of electricity, water, sales tax (22%) and other high costs, the church´s monthly expenses are beyond the means of the average attendance of a local church. The article states that in 24 years (1989-2013), the number of faithful attenders attending mass has dropped from 58.732% to 28.866% (51% reduction). The number of baptisms (-56%) has dropped, first communions (-42%) and marriages (-75%).

In Montevideo this week, the church has launched a program “The Church of Everyone” in order to raise money so that many of the local priests can be paid a full-time salary so they do not go out and look for other work (usually teaching at catholic schools, etc).

For the Evangelical Population, this reality has been known for quite some time. There is a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ yet the true believer faces the same difficulty of secularization of society. The ground seems harder in the Capital than many times in the interior of the country. Bottom line, there is GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SOW THE SEED in spite of the opposition. Fortunately, the government does not prevent the sowing of the Gospel. COME TO URUGUAY AND SOW THE SEED AMONGST THE MOST SECULAR COUNTRY IN LATIN AMERICA!

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