5 Strategic Reasons to do Missions in Latin America by Augusto Aniano

I started this post seating on a plane on my way to Mexico preparing to do missions in Latin America. As usual, while facing big changes in life, we tend to see things from a higher perspective and make plans for the following years.

That’s why I thought it would be great to write down this 5 strategic reasons to do missions in Latin America.

5 strategic Reasons no web
1) Mobilizing Hispanics is strategic.

It is well known that it is much easier for Hispanics to connect with some foreign cultures like Muslim and Indian, for example. Therefore, it results strategic to train, mobilize and partner with Hispanics to reach the world. Learn more.

2) Latin America is diverse.

You can find churches with thousands of people with no seminary trained pastors or either a lonely post-modern city
Some people say Latin America should stop receiving missionaries and start sending missionaries. That is partially true, and partially wrong from my perspective. There few places in the globe with fewer Christians than some forgotten mission fields like our beloved Uruguay, in South America.

3) There Are Still Big Needs In Latin America.

Have you seen the movie “The Truman Show”? That is what comes to my mind when I think about a church without foreign assistance. Everyone on the same page, no cultural confrontation, just one way things are done and everyone happy inside the bubble. IMG_0322American churches need the Asian perspective of discipline, or the warmth of Latin Christian fellowship. The same is true for the Latin American church, or the African believers, as well.

4) We Can All Learn From Each Other

I have to be honest. I love Latin American churches. I belong there! I was born and raised in faith in churches in Latin America. I see a huge potential in Hispanic churches when it comes to missions or theological discussions, but there are also some specific areas where the Hispanic church still needs to grow seriously. They need help. That’s one of the main reasons why we decided to invest our lives training and empowering local leaders.

5) The future of missions

The way we are doing missions is changing. Years ago, churches used to call, prepare, train, send and support missionaries in a different way. Today, it’s not weird to have a Latin American missionary, trained in Europe, supported by Canadian churches sharing the Gospel among Muslims in India . Times are changing, and the way God is doing missions is also changing.

Our family is a living example (among many others) of a tangible, visible fruit of at least two multi-national church planting teams that would have never been possible without American missionaries in the field among the Hispanic speakers.

Am I saying we should only send missionaries to Latin America? Absolutely not! What I see in the scriptures, and in the way God is using His church today is that we need to send and receive workers globally. We need to be sensitive to His calling and eager to be part of what He is doing among the nations.

Augusto and Vale are missionaries in Puebla, Mexico, where they train and mobilize hispanics to the world. If you want to learn more about their ministry visit their about us. If you want to partner with them and be part of what God is doing in through their ministry, click here.

Share your experience and thoughts on multi-cultural mission efforts. How have you seen God working in missions?

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