Drinking Mate is Social…and Spiritual too

The other day, Alberto, my neighbor was entering his apartment and I told him that we should drink mate together one day soon. “As long as we can do it from your living room window because you have a great view”, he said. I said, ok. The next day, I knocked on his door to invite him and his wife answered. She told me that she would let him know. That morning at 10 am, Alberto knocked on my door to drink mate. I bought a few pastries that morning thinking he might come. Well, it turns out that he is watching his weight and doesn´t eat pastries. Oh well, I had to indulge and eat them myself! LOL. Based on a previous day´s remark in the hallway as he was getting on the elevator as I was getting off, he made a remark about being very religious as a Jewish person. Now, Alberto is jewish.  I knew he was being sarcastic and joking around because he knows practically nothing about being jewish even though he has a son who lives in Israel and two daughters living in Montevideo and one of them is married to a very religious jewish doctor. We joked around that I might even be more jewish than he was because at least I believe in Jesus who was jewish. All this led to a brief and interesting discussion about spiritual things and the state of judaism. Alberto grew up attending catholic schools even though his parents were of jewish origin. Therefore, Alberto is more knowledgeable about catholicism than judaism though now his one daughter is married to the jewish doctor, Alberto has learned a lot more about judaism than he did from his own parents. I was able to explain the gospel in a few words only since Alberto said he had to go do some important things at the exercise club down the street. Alberto is retired so he really has nothing that important to do. But I know this was not Alberto´s time of salvation. It was the start of something that I pray will result in Alberto´s salvation one day.

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