The Team Approach or the Lone Ranger Option

Many in these days would probably agree that the team approach is the best. Though there are some in the core of their being that would say the Lone Ranger is their preference because “one does not have to rely on anyone but oneself. Not a good option Kemosabe. Craig and Denise´s teammates of Camino Global, Jim and Cheryl Eberline, are being called to Guatemala to invest directly into the lives of the future Latin missionary force that is swelling up in Guatemala. (see the blog article, They Must Go). Though Craig & Denise still have our Uruguayan team members, Diego and Cecilia, plus David Gomez from Mexico, the Williams will sorely miss the Eberlines.

The Williams have been asking God to give them key team members that will have a passion for Uruguay and to help this country establish a strong beach head for the Gospel that will then be able to participate strongly in sending out missionaries to the rest of the world. They believe God has heard their cries as well as others in Uruguay who have been praying. The Williams know they are not the only ones praying for these things. TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) of Peru will visit the Williams for four days in February 2016 to begin to explore how Camino Global and TEAM could partner together to impact Uruguay and beyond.

Recently, Craig and Denise went to pray with missionaries who also work nearby. Craig found out that this group and another group they are aware of are doing the same thing the Williams have been doing with small groups in homes. Craig asks the question, ¨Why don´t we explore ways to gather the small groups together and capitalize on making a stronger presence in the community. While there are a few things to still iron out, the first event together will be a joint worship time on Sunday December 6th. Will this be the beginning of God unifying the missionaries of different agencies to work together toward one common goal? The Williams believe it can be. Pray for unity and clarity amongst the local missionaries as they continue to dialog about these things.

Also, recently Craig and one of the V.P.´s of Camino Global have had talks with one of the denominations in Uruguay to see how we can use the burgeoning Latin missionary force out of Guatemala to help the Southern Cone of South America.

There are no coincidences, the Williams rest assure that God hears the prayers of the saints in the Southern Cone and wants to send help. May the Williams and the others be ready and prayed up for God´s next step.

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