Grocery Store Evangelism

Gina & Laura.jpg

While Denise prepared food for the Uruguay Turkey Fest, Craig must of made a half dozen trips to the grocery store buying up all the food he could. At least the credit card bought the food! LOL. Well, on Craig´s last romp to the store, Gina (on the right in above photo) was in line in front of Craig at the cash register. Craig helped her put her hand held basket on the counter of the register. Gina noticed his Gringo accent and asked if he was from the U.S. and if he was going to celebrate Thanksgiving. Craig told her yes and explained about the dinner to take place soon that night. Gina told Craig she and her daughter used to live in the USA five years ago till her husband died suddenly. They decided to return to Uruguay to be close to family. Craig invited Gina and her daughter, Laura, to the dinner thinking they would not come. Oh man of little faith. Not only did they come but they brought HOMEMADE APPLE PIE! Wait let me repeat that again…HOMEMADE APPLE PIE. Of course, Craig was ecstatic that they came but he was also excited about the apple pie. LOL.  It turns out the Laura (23 yrs old), the daughter, is half Jewish by way of her father. When asked what she wanted to do with her life, she told that we will not believe her. Laura tells us that she wants to be married, be a wife and raise children. WOW! You don´t hear that out of the mouth of a 23 year old these days either in the USA and even less in Uruguay.

We look forward to more conversations with them in the future. You just never know how helping someone at the grocery store can lead to relationships that may result in eternal fruit in the future. God always amazes us!


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