Massive Pastor Gathering in Uruguay

Recently, a group of Argentinian Pastors who have a burden for Pastors and their families presented a short two day conference in Montevideo. There were approximately 900 pastors/ministry leaders and their wives. The conference was interdenominational in nature. Mostly, it was to motivate the pastors to begin to take care of their families and seek accountability amongst each other. What a major mind shift for Uruguayan churches! It amazed me that these Argentinian pastors spoke quite openly about the need to leave behind the former ways of thinking and seek out each other for encouragement and accountability. They spoke about how the Latin America church needs to stop being comfortable and really begin to work together where we can to impact the countries for Christ. These pastors mentioned how the evangelical church in Argentina is not doing a good enough job to impact the country with the Gospel. The Argentinians are doing more than Uruguay from what I see!

I visited with two baptist pastors that I saw there who expressed how the pastors of their denomination so desperately needed to seek accountability in their lives as well as take care of their families and marriages. They expressed their gratitude to us because they know this has been our message to the baptist pastors this past year.

National Pastors Congreso.jpgBaptist pastors.jpg

(Baptist Pastors: Hugo, Craig, Walter, Cecilia of Hugo, Virginia of Walter, Blanca)

Thank you for those who have contributed to the ministry here so that God will graciously use us to touch these pastors and their families. We feel deeply grateful and honored to serve these dedicated servants of Uruguay.

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