Uruguay Turkey Fest 2016

Thanksgiving without people.jpgThanksgiving with people.jpgDenise preparing thanksgiving.jpg

You have to remember that our apartment is small. The former record number of people in our apartment was 33. The NEW RECORD IS 41! We had 33 people seated in our living room while 8 kids were seated in our spare bedroom. Our couch and other furniture was placed in the hallway outside our front door. Our new neighbors to our left have not moved in yet so that wasn´t a problem. The neighbors to our right were not going to be home and they even loaned us their 6 dining room chairs! We had baked chicken instead of turkey. If you can find turkey, it is only about $40-50 dollars for a 5-7 pound turkey. You understand why we had chicken?! We had sweet potatoes, white mashed potatoes, corn soufflé and a smithering of other good foods.

Of course, we explained thanksgiving and the Gospel. One of the families, Cesar and Sandra, ate dinner with us recently and this time they brought their daughters with them.

Marcelo and Isabel who belong to the El Camino Community invited their sons and their girlfriends. Almost all of them came!

The next time you come to Uruguay…see if you can sneak a huge frozen turkey in your bags! Most likely, not going to happen on this side of eternity! LOL.


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